We Always Use Manufacturers Parts When Carrying Out Repairs. Here’s Why…

Apr 9, 2021

The use of second-hand parts in car repairs has snowballed by 26% in the past year.

It’s easy to see why – there has been an enormous demand to go green in all industries as cultural demand focuses on recycling and protecting our planet.

Innocent Drivers is in support of protecting the environment, and we believe in recycling and sustainability. However, we won’t compromise your car or your safety, which is why all of our repairs are carried out using manufacturers parts only.

While we are here to get you back up and running as quickly as possible, we also want your car to be in the same position it was in a pre-accident, we won’t compromise on that.

Here are the top 3 reasons we have come to this decision:


The use of green parts for cosmetic repairs is not something that we are against. It’s unlikely that we would be able to locate a pristine replacement door or wing mirror for the make and model of your car in a short time following the repair; however, we would be completely open to doing so.

What we are worried about is safety. While we are sure that some ‘like for like’ parts could be absolutely ok to use, we think there is a very fine line for the impact on safety or performance. As a business, we don’t want to come anywhere close to that line. We want more than ok when it comes to our repairs. We want the best.

We know that if we replace something in your engine with a second-hand part that’s not specifically for the make and model – something will be slightly off. That’s just common sense. Why should you be left with anything less than the best following the accident?


There is often an argument that recycled parts could save time if there isn’t a manufacturer part ready. The fact of the matter of obtaining a manufacturer’s part that is an exact match for your vehicle is quicker. In most cases, it’s much faster than sourcing a second-hand part that’s ready to use, safe, tested and the same age as your car to make sure it’s a fair repair.

It’s our job to ensure that you are back to normal on the road, in your vehicle, as quickly as possible.

Finding a second-hand replacement part can be very time-consuming. Sometimes, you won’t even get the whole part or come attached to other parts and require dismantling – rebuilding and testing. It’s evident that this will have an impact on our next point, quality …


It’s a simple fact that using a car part that is not manufacturer-specific, mainly when used, will impact your vehicle’s quality and overall performance.

It’s impossible not to. In all aspects of life, generic brands simply do not live up to the real deal.

While it’s ok to compromise sometimes – we don’t believe that’s the case when it comes to your vehicles!

Then there’s pricing… Insurance is paid for a reason. When you use our services you shouldn’t have to fork out a penny. That being said – someone, somewhere is paying for your repair – in this case, the at-fault party’s insurer. This is where we hit a grey area – ‘like for like’ or ‘green repairs’ will also save the insurer a lot of money. They may be more interested in money-saving than planet-saving – leaving you as the party that loses out.  As a new market, it is up to insurers to self regulate and we’re not confident that they will keep you right every time.

Our repairers are guaranteed to use manufacturers parts every time.

The Future of Green Repairs…

Looking to the future Innocent Driver is in support of ‘Green Repairs’ and sustainability. We will continue to work with repairs who prioritise sourcing parts locally and avoid excessive transportation journeys.

At the moment, this type of repair is in very much its infancy within the UK, and the regulation is left up to each individual insurance company.

While we are aware of the potential benefits and growing support of the concept, we will be continuing to use manufacturers parts in every single repair we oversea to ensure your vehicle is in the best condition it can be. We will continue to monitor this market trend and keep a close eye on the improvements to the safety regulation that will inevitably follow.

We remain open to using recycled, undamaged manufacturer parts for cosmetic repairs.

Did You Know?

Innocent Driver is an Accident Management company –  We will offer you a like for like vehicle and make sure your car is repaired to the highest standards using only manufacturers parts. We really are here to help you every step of the way.  It’s a win-win!