The Benefits of Using a Dashcam

As more and more people are using the UK’s roads, it is inevitable that more traffic incidents occur, road users are now turning to technology and installing a dashcam in their vehicle (or in the case of motorcyclists and cyclists, wearing helmet cams.) We look at five reasons why it is a good idea to have a dashcam installed in your car along with a brief overview of types you can use, and why.

A Record of Everything.

A dashcam will record your journey, most modern dashcams include date, time and even the speed of your vehicle. Should you be unlucky to be involved in a car accident, or for you to witness a road traffic accident, you have a record of this incident that could be vital in helping to establish cause and blame.

Types of Dashcam.

There are many types of dashcam available on the market today, starting with a basic dashcam that you can place in the front windscreen, it will record your journey and usually this is stored onboard either in the internal memory or SD card, which you can then later download to your PC. Some dashcams offer cloud storage and you can access this at any time from your digital device. And as technology gets better, you can even purchase dashcams that have AI (Artificial Intelligence) incorporated, that provides anti-collision warnings as well as prompts to reduce speeds and safe distancing. Finally, when choosing a dashcam, you can opt for multiple points of view, such as front and rear (and even side) dash cams allowing you to record what is going on all around you. One feature to look for on a dashcam is the angle of lens, one with a wide-angle (fish-eye) will record more of what you see as well as the peripheral.

Plugin or Hard-wired Dashcams.

Other features of dashcams include hardwired versions, a standard dashcam plugs into the cigarette lighter to draw power, when the vehicle is turned off, so is the dashcam. Opting for a hardwired version allows you to record even when the engine is turned off and can act as a security system for your vehicle giving you 24/7 footage even when no one is in the vehicle. Not only is this a useful feature but can act as a deterrent against would be car thieves.

Choosing The Right Dashcam for You.

Before opting for a dashcam, do your research, decide which one you want to opt for, and check out online reviews before parting with your cash, the costs of dashcams start at around £20 and then go up to several hundreds, depending on the features as well as the quality of recording resolution (We recommend at least 1080p for a clearer picture.)

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