Staycation Preparations for UK Roads

For some considerable time, we have all been prevented from getting about in the manner we were previously accustomed to. Covid restrictions have meant that not only could we not plan our usual trips abroad, but for some time we were not even able to travel internally.

Now that restrictions have eased considerably, people are obviously keen to once more spread their wings and get out and about. However, many people still feel reluctant to arrange foreign travel after what we have all experience and would rather take the far less complicated option of just holidaying within the UK.

All this means of course that with summer now approaching us, the UK roads are likely to be busier than ever before. This in turn obviously means the incidents of road collisions will also increase exponentially, and each one of those extra drivers on the roads represents one more opportunity for mishap.

Careful driving

You yourself might be the most careful considerate driver with sometimes years of experience and possibly even accident free with a clear no claims bonus. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for all the other road users you are likely to encounter on your travels. Like it or not but every other driver on the road represents one more opportunity for an accident to occur and for you to be unwittingly involved.

Unfortunately, it is increasingly common for drivers to find themselves involved in a road collision that they did not cause and were completely unable to avoid. Inevitably when this happens  you will experience a certain amount of inconvenience in the outset. It may disrupt your plans and eat into your holiday, but this disruption needs to be kept to a bare minimum.

Far from home

Accidents no matter how serious or trivial they are, can never be a pleasant experience to go through, though with the right support behind you disruption and inconvenience can be far less imposing. Innocent Driver was set-up for just this eventuality to take care of all the administration that is involved and ensure that you as the innocent party are not inconvenienced any more than you have to be.

It is bad enough when accidents happen close to home but when we are far from home with easy access to our friends and contacts for support it can only be amplified. So before you make plans to travel this year take this one simple step, type the following number into your phone and mark it as Innocent Driver 0800 368 8928 you can also just text BUMP to 88440     

Alternatively, you can make a Motor Vehicle Accident Claim from our website.

Getting In Touch

We offer a wide range of ways to get in touch with us. The quickest being to call us on our freephone number which is 0800 368 8928. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form on our website, the direct link to this is or use the yellow ‘Make a Claim’ button. If you prefer to email us, you can do so by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and using the title ‘Make a Claim’. With the first option we will speak with you and take as much details as we can on the claim, to speed the claim we recommend having your vehicle details to hand, as well as the other involved party or parties, if possible, but don’t worry the important step is to initiate the claim with us.

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