Speeding Tickets Expected to Soar as Police Employ Drone and AI Technology

Sep 24, 2023

Police are now embracing the latest technology in catch speeders, dangerous and careless drivers. One of the most common offences in the UK is drivers breaking the speed limit, in the past, there was a speed zone, that is clearly signposted, as well as random police vehicles capturing speeders. These solely caught people who were speeding, and not those who were careless driving, IE using the mobile phone, not paying attention whilst consuming food or drinks, or generally distracted.

New AI technology lets authorities know exactly what you are doing whilst driving and you can be fined accordingly, although eating, drinking, or smoking is not illegal whilst driving it is if it becomes a distraction whilst in charge of a motor vehicle. The law has changed on mobile phone use, whilst in the past it was using a mobile to make a call whilst driving, now it applies to having a mobile in your hand, whether scrolling, using apps, playing games or more.

The use of drones coupled with AI technology let police effectively cover hotspots in an affordable and effective manner, easily deployable and not detectable. This means that more and more drivers are going to be caught out if they are not careful and adhere to the laws of driving, which are in place to make the roads safer in the UK.

There has also been introduction of AI cameras stretching roads that monitor everything from average speed to what the driver is doing whilst driving. All these measures have seen a significant increase in fines and points being issued to drivers.

What we recommend that is you always pay attention when driving, adhere to the speed limits, use a cradle for your mobile and if you need to use the satnav functions, program it before setting off, or at least pull over before interacting with it. (It should be noted that it is also illegal to use whilst stationery at traffic lights, junction or even traffic jam.). By being a safer driver, not only do you avoid unnecessary out of pocket expenses (and possible points!) you also help to make the UK roads a safer place for all concerned.