One Third of Drivers Risk Engine Failure According to AA Survey!

Aug 28, 2023

In a recent survey done by the AA (Automobile Association) it was revealed that one third of drivers would ignore a red oil pressure warning light and continue driving. This is a serious issue with the vehicle and could result in a catastrophic engine failure, where the repair bill could run into the thousands of pounds.  

We spoke with a local garage who was happy to point out that the dashboard lights, and especially warning lights are there for a reason and under no circumstances should be ignored.  

Familiarise Yourself with Your Car. 

Drivers should familiarise themselves with their vehicle’s indication lights, as well as other features. You can find a full explanation of each one and what they mean in the manual, and should you have lost, never got one or acquired a car second-hand without instructions, these are readily available from the manufacturer’s websites in digital format. If not, there are many other sources available on the internet. 

Be Aware of Warning Lights. 

By being aware of what your car is telling you, it ensures that you are safe in the knowledge that everything is okay, unless indicated otherwise and addressing issues before they grow into a much bigger, and costly problem is key to safer driving on the UK roads. Of course, regular maintenance checks are also key, as not everything is identified by a dashboard light, and this is especially true for older vehicles.  

Regular Maintenance Checks. 

Checks that should be carried out also include tyre pressures, checking windscreens for cracks, ensuring that the windscreen wipers are clean and free from debris as well as the reservoir is topped up and in the colder months, has anti-freeze to ensure it doesn’t ice up. You should also pay particular attention to the condition of seatbelts, making sure they have not frayed as well as that your airbags are regularly checked. If in doubt what signs you should be looking for, always refer to the vehicle’s manual and maintain your car according to its recommendations, that way you are less likely to be the cause of an accident and properly protected should you be involved in one.