Motor Accident Claims in Edinburgh

Had a Motor Accident in Edinburgh?

Being involved in a motor accident in Edinburgh is not the nicest of experiences, in fact anywhere, however if you have been involved in a motor accident in Edinburgh as a result of someone else’s actions, then Innocent Drive can help, making a claim for the repairs of your motor vehicle can be a minefield, however we take away the stress and worry and deal with it all on your behalf, with no fuss.

All you need to do is fill out our straightforward form HERE including as much information as possible, and where available dashcam footage or photographs and then leave the rest to us.

No Fuss Motor Accident Claims

Once your claim has been accepted, there is no excess to pay, and your No Claims Bonus remains intact. Our expert team will take care of everything from contacting the other driver’s insurance company to make them aware of your claim, as well as the responsibility of their client. We then arrange for the repair of your vehicle and where necessary can provide you with alternative transport in the form if a hire car whilst your own is being repaired. The other driver who caused the accident is then billed via their insurer and you will not be charged, and you will not have to pay your excess to the repairing garage, taking out all the stress of the process, and allowing you to get back on the road at no cost to yourself.

It is a simple process to get underway and it will bring you peace of mind, so just complete our Claim Form today to start the ball rolling and let us take the pain from your claim.

About Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and is located in Lothian on the shore of the Firth of Forth. The city is the second most populated in the whole of Scotland and is currently the seventh most populated in the UK.

Not only is Edinburgh recognised as the capital of Scotland, it has been so since the fifteenth century and it is also the seat of the Scottish Government, the highest courts in Scotland and the Scottish Parliament. Edinburgh has long been a hub for education in such fields as Scots Law, literature, medicine, the sciences, engineering, and philosophy.

Tourism forms an essential part of the cities commerce with visitors attracted by its cultural and historical attractions which have combined to make it the second most visited tourist destination in the United Kingdom with many traveling from overseas. The city is host to many important annual events which include the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

There are numerous national cultural institutions that Edinburgh provides a home including the National Library of Scotland, the national Museum of Scotland, and the Scottish National Gallery. The city is also the venue for the Edinburgh International Festival and famously the Fringe which is the world’s largest annual international arts festival which attracts visitors from far and wide.

Edinburgh by night

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