Motor Accident Claim in England

Making a Motor Accident Claim in England

If you are involved in a motor accident in England and it is the other driver’s fault, then getting you back on the road shouldn’t be a minefield. In fact, making a motor accident claim in England should be straightforward and simple and that is where Innocent Driver can help. We understand the importance on getting you back on the road as quickly a possible without unnecessary delays, red tape and expense. Our expert motor accident claims specialists can arrange everything from speedy repairs to your vehicle, arrangement of a courtesy car whilst yours is being repaired and also pursue the claim of costs against the other party involved.

How Simple is it to Make a Motor Accident Claim?

As motor accident claim specialists in England and throughout the UK, Innocent Driver has made the entire process as simple as possible without the stress, delay, and hassle of dealing directly with your own insurance company. To make a motor accident claim in England, or throughout the UK simply report your motor accident to us via our quick claim form alternatively you can call us on 0800 368 8928 (We suggest saving this number in your mobile phone or tablet just in case you may need us in the future.) or drop us an email at and we will do the rest. If you prefer we are more than happy to contact you directly, all you need to do is text BUMP to 88440.

Why use Innocent Driver to Make a Motor Accident Claim?

Using Innocent Driver ensures that once your claim is accepted your no claims bonus isn’t affected, and you won’t have to pay any excess. You will also have complete peace of mind knowing that your motor accident claim is being dealt with by experts who will ensure that your car is repaired, and you are back on the road without delay. Be prepared and save our details above and take the pain out of your next motor accident claim with Innocent Driver.
Motor Accident Claims Made Simple.

Motor Accident Claim England

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