Improved Safety but at What Cost.

May 17, 2022

The chances are that I am quite a bit older than many of the people who will read this article, in fact come to think of it so is my car. Technological development and implementation in modern vehicles have grown at an astounding rate over recent years and no more so in respect to safety. Modern cars are designed to purposely crumple in the even of an accident whilst complex sensors and elaborate air bags are triggered to deploy in order to keep both drivers and passengers safer than ever before.

The system of air bags installed in even the most basic of modern vehicles today is comprehensive to say the least. Both drivers and passengers are shielded from impact from every direction you can think up and as a result should be protected from serious injury or death as the result of a road traffic accident.

At what cost?

You could easily argue that you simply cannot put too high a price on safety, and I think most would agree, though it could be argued have manufacturers gone a little over the top. Whatever your point of view on that the one thing we cannot escape is the added cost from all this, more and more complex technology is crammed into each vehicle that leaves the production line. Production lines that have been severely slowed or halted in recent times by a worldwide shortage of chips to complete these systems.

So, the price of vehicles has risen steadily, in line with the added complexity and in some cases scarcity of the components required. We can all make choices when it comes to replacing our vehicles and though we may crave the latest shiny EV, it is not always possible, as like it or not we have to cut our clothes according to our cloth.

Then what of repair?

Whilst we can choose how much to spend when it comes to replacement the same is not true when it comes to repair particularly in the event of Vehicle accident claims. With added safety comes added damage as vehicles purposes crumple to absorb impact and air bags once deployed need to be replaced. None of this is a simple matter and whilst a reasonably competent body workshop may well be able to straighten out the knocks, it takes specialist training when it comes to air bags and complex sensors.

The solution

So, it is more important than ever that when you find yourself involved in an accident that was not your fault you are not the one paying out for the repairs. That’s where Innocent Driver comes in, when you find yourself in the position of needing to make a Motor Accident Claim contact Innocent Driver before you involve your own insurance company. It easy to do either fill in a CLAIM online or call us on 0800 368 8928 or just TEXT BUMP to 88440


Improved Safety but at What Cost