How to Prepare Yourself in Case of a Road Traffic Accident

May 20, 2023

Being part of a road traffic accident is not something that you expect to happen to you, but being prepared should you be unlucky to be involved in one is worthwhile as it is always best to err on the side of caution and being prepared will ensure that you can get back on the road as soon as possible as well as the safety aspects that may arise due to the accident.

First Aid.

We recommend that every driver carries at least a basic first aid kit and ensure it is fully stocked, replacing anything that has been used with fresh. This will help to treat any minor cuts or abrasions occur due to the accident.

Windscreen Breaking Tool.

Having a windscreen braking tool will ensure you can get out of the vehicle should the doors be jammed; these are available online and at many motor parts stores. Look for one that includes a seatbelt cutter in case you need to free yourself from them.

Vehicle Maintenance.

Always make sure that your vehicle is well maintained and that the seatbelts are in proper working order and in good condition, any that are frayed replace as these can break if involved in a collision. Also ensure that your airbags have been checked on a regular basis and are turned on, as some vehicles allow you to turn them off.

Insurance and Policy Documentation.

Carry your details in the glove box, along with this you should also include your own details, any special medications you take, allergies as well as contact information of your partner, spouse or family member in the event that you are unconscious as a result of the road traffic accident.

Innocent Driver Details.

We suggest that as well as storing our number in your phone, is to write down the details and keep in the glove box with your other documentation, that way if you are unfortunate to be in a vehicle accident that is not your fault you can simply call our free phone number which is 0800 368 8928 or text BUMP to 88440