10 of The Most Sought After Car Gadgets

We look at what car owners are looking for when it comes to the most sought after car gadgets. This may be for their existing motor or when it comes to replacing it. In our list of the top ten most popular car gadgets, many come as a standard feature in the more modern vehicles, and some are included as additional extras. Please note that through time, this list can change, and this is simply a guide to the current trends when it comes to which car gadgets owners are driving towards. What is also worth noting that many of the gadgets listed below have features that are directly applicable to vehicle safety on the UK roads and can aid safer driving thus reducing the number of road accidents we see each year. 

1. The number one gadget that car owners are wanting in their car is a Dash Cam, these nifty little cameras can record what is going on, and with options for both front and rear, as well as 360 views they are very useful for recording accidents and determining whose fault it is, as well as a witness to bad drivers with many police forces around the UK accepting footage as evidence for dangerous driving, using digital devices whilst driving, speeding, tailgating and more. 

2. Number two on our list is a Bluetooth Car Kit, this handy gadget allows older cars to connect their smartphones and digital devices to the cars audio system, although this feature is usually standard with new cars, drivers and passengers can stream their music through the cars speaker systems as well as able to make hands-free calling, important as using a phone or digital device in the car can be a distraction and endanger safer driving as well as being illegal in the United Kingdom. 

3. Another gadget that is most sought after by UK drivers is a GPS Navigation System, or Satnav (Satellite Navigation). In modern cars, this is either a standard or extra built-in feature where older models rely on a standalone system that helps drivers navigate the roads and find their way to unfamiliar destinations as well as some providing useful information such as traffic congestion, road speeds and more. 

4. Smartphone Holder. Most people own a smartphone and carry it with them, so having somewhere to hold it in the car is not only a convenience but also allows for hands-free calls whilst driving as well as using as a satnav or streaming their favourite songs. 

5. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. This is a feature that is found in the more modern cars allowing drivers to be constantly aware of air pressure in their tyres, and to receive an alert if these drop, this is another safety feature in the prevention of accidents. For cars without these, carrying a simple tool that you can insert into the cars tyre on a regular basis will allow you to keep an eye on the pressure and address any issues before they develop into a bigger problem. If you are buying one of these for your car we recommend getting one that also has a tyre tread measuring tool, killing two birds with one stone. 

6. Car Diagnostic Tool. This plugs into your car’s OBD-II port and can give you real-time feedback of your cars performance as well as managing any alerts so that you can address them or get the problem fixed. Most newer cars have their own built-in diagnosis and monitoring system, so is defunct, but certainly useful for older cars with an IBD-II port. 

7. Jumpstart Kit. Not being able to start the car is a nightmare, especially away from home, usually this is because of a drained battery, fortunately having a jumpstart kit in the boot allows the car to be started, using a portable battery and leads that gives enough juice to get your car going again.  

8. Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot. This device creates an internet connection within your vehicle, allowing passengers and the drivers to have access to the internet. Usually this is powered by your cigarette lighter and uses a connection to a smartphone to provide internet access to everyone in the vehicle, however more expensive models carry their own internet connection usually through a monthly or annual subscription. 

9. In-Car Entertainment Devices. This covers a multitude of gadgets and devices, such as DVD players with screens for passengers to watch, gaming consoles, as well as the ability for passengers to connect their own devices to screens to enjoy entertainment on the go. Higher end new cars have these built in, however there are many options on the market to add to any car. 

10. Blind Spot Mirror. This mirror which is convex in design is attached to your wing mirrors and gives the driver a much wider field of vision to reduce the number of blind spots when driving, and is a safety feature that is useful, especially when dealing with cyclists or even when it comes to parking, reducing the risk of accidents. 

So, we have covered the top ten most sought after car gadgets that drivers want in their cars, as well as many that aid in the safety of driving on the UK roads, there are of course many other gadgets and aids on the market that will help with the safety of driving on the UK roads, we also recommend always carrying a first aid kit, as well as an ‘emergency ration pack’ consisting of water and snacks should you be going on a long journey in the event of a breakdown. As we have mentioned above, a lot of the most sought-after gadgets are in the more modern cars or if buying a new car, as added extras, so if you are in the market, its worth looking at which model has the added extra that you want, so you don’t have to add them later and at extra cost. So, it is certainly worth doing your research when buying a new car, or looking at ways to become a safer driver. 

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